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March 17, 2010
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Digimon - Daisuke's Special by mdchan Digimon - Daisuke's Special by mdchan
I fixed the error (the order in which the beast spirits were received that people were having a cow over), and as of 9/10/2011, am re-enabling commenting. If I get any disrespectful comments, I'll once again disable commenting, for good this time.

Reads left to right; Season Two was the ONLY season where the main character/goggle boy didn't cause a dark evolution of their digimon.
Yes, there was the bit with SkullGreymon, but that was Ken/Kaiser, and that was sort of expected since it was using darkness to begin with.

I'm only counting the TV series, here...since in Next, it wasn't the goggle boy that used a dark digisoul.

But, going through the seasons, Daisuke was the only one that didn't cause his digimon to evolve using dark emotions.

Interesting, no?

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon!
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That Daisuke just doesn't have an ill-intentioned bone in his body.
yeah you come to think of did daisuke was the only leader not do really do anything too stupid and never force his digimon to go to far with his evolution
Rhinosaurus1 Feb 28, 2014  New member
Not true in one of the episodes he gets jealous of Patamon digivolving to Angemon and tries to scare veemon into digivolving. He's just lucky that it didn't backfire.
I remember koji was the one who found his B.S( Heh B.S...) first though.
Tim1776 Jan 5, 2014  Student Writer
If you think about it, the goggle boy in this season, Davis, wasn't the main fighter. T.K. fought and won a lot more than Davis did. Not like the other seasons. That's only because Davis isn't very bright.
wrong....davis saved them from malomyotismon, davis saved them from kimeramon, and i can keep going, in fact if you read the digimon v tamer manga starting the alternate universe taichi, you'd know that it is canon to the series and it explains why he got the goggles from tai and why tai chose him as the leader, in the xros wars crossover when davis talks about the meaning of the goggles he he hinting at that moment in the v tamer manga. i suggest you read it and rewatch the series also if you're gonna keep downplaying davis, he doesn't even deserve all this hate, he's like an earlier attempt at the character naruto except without the rough childhood, he's hated as much as sakura, and both of those hating circumstances are ridiculous if you actually pay attention to everything canon in both series(which means no using the sakura hits naruto, she is a "b" excuse when she hardly hits him in the manga at all xD)
Tim1776 Mar 16, 2014  Student Writer
I don't mean to argue, although I never saw anything but 01 and 02. I will point out what the others did. The main thing is in episodes 19 through 21. In this part, TK fought Digimon Kaiser and (kinda) won, and Davis had VMon Digivolve into Magnamon. Magnamon then fought Chimeramon. Another part was in episodes 42-45. At that point, Ken was captured and then they opened the dark gate (With all of them, especially Davis) and banished Daemon. The last part, which is episodes 47-50, is when they fought MaloMyotismon/BelialVamdemon. EVERY current Digidestined including the ones with D3s banded together to destroy MaloMyotismon. Not sure how that works, but I end my case.
wrong, if you payed attention, who was the one who broke out of the dreams malomyotismon was giving everyone and encouraged everyone to continue to fight and if it wasn't for him the digidestined and their d3s wouldn't have done that? davis! if he didn't break out, noone would have, he was the only one to resist the dreams. also, tell me do you honestly believe they would have beat kimeramon without davis and magnamon? and btw no kari and tk did not give him the golden digiegg, he found it, that movie was not canon, the only real canon movie between 01 and 02 is the first omnimon movie, then in tamers/season 3 the only canon movie is the last one, runaway locomon, because it shows they have their digimon back, plus it has gallantmon crimson mode, which it is impossible for him to have unless grani was already merged into gallantmon, which happened in the series. and i will say again to you, all of davis's good character development is in the crossover in the digimon v-tamer manga, which is canon, its not some manga version of davis or anything, its a crossover between the 02  show and this manga. it tells why tai gave him the goggles and made him leader, why only him would ever have been the leader tai chose, the meaning of the goggles, as hinted at in xros wars. i will say again, davis is in no way useless, he is an important part to the series, like i said you guys are as bad as the sakura haters in the naruto fandom with you hate for davis, hating on sakura ignoring everything of important she has done or achieved in the series and believing all the anime fillers that make her look bad, you guys are exactly the same 
Tim1776 Mar 18, 2014  Student Writer
Also, I never mentioned anything about Davis not being relevant, I just see him as quite as important as the other characters. I just feel that his contributions were equal to the others'.
glad you're not like everyone else then that's like," tk is much better than davis and should've been leader blah blah blah" i don't like people like that, and no this isn't because i'm a davis fanboy or something, i hate any kind of senseless bashing of a character, i hate bashing in general unless it actually makes sense,like hating the new sonic boom game and show of sonic the hedgehog, that's okay to hate, its not even canon and people don't like the new character designs, what i don't like is when things are bashed senselessly and the people ignore every important thing those things or people have done. like in naruto people bash sakura so much its ridiculous and ignore every major thing she's done in the manga, always going, "oh hinata is much better than sakura and should be the main heroine and pummel sakura" *facepalm* i can't stand people like that.
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